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Trigger payments are split into 80/20% portions. 80% is transferred to the legal ownership of Indue Ltd and remains under their management. 20% is paid into your private bank account 'as cash'.


Generally speaking all Restrictable Payments go 100% on the card as do all emergency and disasters payments. Some different rules apply to different regions, notably Cape York region QLD and the Northern Territory.


Hinkler Electorate:

 For Hinkler electorate CDC zone ( Bundaberg/Hervey Bay and Surrounds)  there is an age cap which means only people under 36yrs of age are forced onto the program. The list of payments the roll out impacts has been limited as well, to:  Jobseeker, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payments only.

This was written into the bill that authorised roll outs in this location. 

In the Hinkler, ALL payments on the restrictable payment list are still captured by the card for all people under 36yrs of age who receive the applicable trigger payment. FTB included.

* In all other CDC roll out regions (there are now six) the full list of quarantined trigger and restrictable payments applies to all ages 16-67yrs. In the Cape York region QLD, there is no age limit as Aged Pension is now a payment subject to mandatory quarantine in that region.

Northern Territory and Cape York QLD

In the Northern Territory different rules apply again. There is no current mandatory roll out of the CDC as such in any region at this time, though the entire NT is now considered a 'roll out region' in the CDC legislation.  

People on Basics Card living in the NT may now 'choose' to go onto the Cashless Debit Card or remain on the Basics Card - they can't be forced to transfer across.  People who are NOT on the Basics Card in the NT are still subject to being forced onto the program at any time, as the entire NT was included in the last bill. These people will only face a mandatory roll out if and when the Minister exercises her new power to nominate any region in NT as an active "roll out region" and they are living within that region.

 Both Basics Card program and the CDC or "Indue card" programs are mandatory/compulsory third party income management programs, so the only real choice people do have is to stay on Basics which is run by the government, where your rights are protected and you can legally challenge your inclusion in the compulsory income management system, or to transfer to the CDC program, which is managed by a private corporation,  where your human and consumer rights and protections are removed and no legal challenge to your CIM status is possible.  

In the NT payments are split 50%/50% ONLY for people who are on Basics Cards and then ONLY for those on Basics Cards who choose to transfer across from one mandatory program to the other.  Once a person has chosen to transfer to the Cashless Debit Card from Basics Card, they are legally not allowed to transfer back.  

It is vital that people in the NT deciding whether or not to transfer across from Basics to CDC understand, that a decision to 'voluntarily transfer' to the CDC is giving your CONSENT to be forcibly income managed by a third non government party. This is a legal consent and may  impact any Exit process  and AAT processes. 

The condition's set down  in legislation for people who "volunteer" to go onto the Cashless Debit Card program do  not include Basics Card holders who choose to transfer across from Basics to CDC - who are only 'volunteering' to transfer across, not volunteering to be income managed.

There is still a question about whether or not people in the NT can apply to leave the program via the Exit process and none that have applied so far have been able to Exit successfully ( true as of Jan 22 data). 

We remain unsure if people in the NT will have access to Well Being exemption either. People in Cape York region QLD do not have access to Exit or Well Being exemptions at all.

▶  DVA ( Department of Veterans Affairs) payment is not a trigger or restrictable payment subject to compulsory income management - at this time. However, thousands of Australian veterans are on DSP, Jobseeker, Carers payment and other centrelink payments and so will be included in the CDC program by proxy.

AGE PENSION In December 2020, the age pension payment was included in the Social Security Act as a payment subject to mandatory quarantine under the Cashless Debit Card legislation for the first time. It's inclusion in the program has been limited to  the Cape York Region - for now. During Nov 2021 Senate Estimates, the department stated that 25 age pensioners are currently on the cashless debit card program and a further 700 Age pensioners remain on mandatory Basics Cards around Australia.

* If you are looking for evidence and verification of the Age Pension's inclusion in the Social Security (ADMIN) Act 1999 Cashless Welfare Arrangements legislation as a mandatory payment subject to quarantine, it has been moved to the Div 1 Compilation page

                                      Income split/daily cash access calculation is confirmed as of Nov 2021 and is subject to change.

                            Payment list is complete and confirmed as of January 2022 and is subject to change.

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